Stay Tuned for Spring & Summer Dates of the Next Wellness Revelation Small Groups!



  • The Wellness Revelation is a 9-week wellness course focused on both spiritual and physical health. The course teaches people how to get healthy in their body and Spirit in Christ, so they may love and be loved well.


  • Did you know that currently 1.0 billion people worldwide are overweight (World Health Organization Health Report, 2014) and more than 65% of Americans are overweight (180 million plus)? While, at the same time, 1.4 billion people, worldwide, are malnourished and are suffering from physical disease and life threatening illness due to lack of food? But here’s the thing: it’s not about the food; it’s about our hearts. Something is wrong with our hearts. Our hearts are broken. The Wellness Revelation program desires to go beyond the recent scientific studies on nutrition and the latest fitness crazes; it seeks to get to the root of the brokenness that is in our hearts. The “spiritual poverty” that lies within all of us that keeps us from living the free, full, and rich life that is found when we live every aspect of our life centered in gospel living.


  • Time: TBD

  • Dates: Stay Tuned!

  • Location: TBD

  • Sessions: Includes 1.5 hours of teaching and a nurishing 30 minute workout

  • Materials covered: Biblically based video teachings from Wellness Revelation founder and author Alisa Keeton, Wellness Revelation book

  • Cost: $75 (price includes all materials and SWAG!!)

  • SIGN UP: email to get signed up! (only 10 spots available so contact me quick to reserve your spot!)